Using Heavy-Duty Plug Connectors on the Mounting Rail

30 Nov

Phoenix Contact’s Heavycon CIF (Connector Installation Frames) mounting frames make it possible to snap Heavycon contact inserts onto a mounting rail quickly.

The increasing use of cable entry systems for control cabinets and switch boxes results in a rising need to contact preassembled plug connectors and contact inserts directly on mounting rails.

These new mounting frames were developed for this application. The robust aluminum die-cast construction is designed to support heavy-duty plug connectors and rigid cables, and meets the functional requirements of Heavycon plugs.

The slotted base frame facilitates the use of preassembled contact inserts. A suitable leading PE contact for the housings is ensured, thus meeting the UL standard 1977. Plug and mounting frame locks are available with screw and clamp models.

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