Flexibility for Wiring Emergency Lighting

4 Jan

With a width of 5.2 mm, Phoenix Contact’s compact PTB 2,5 three-level terminal blocks provide high flexibility when wiring emergency lighting.

In commercial buildings, standard lighting is often also used as emergency lighting, which provides flexibility, for example, when modifying building utilization.

Luminaires can be connected using just two three-level terminal blocks, reducing space requirements by up to 50 percent. Two bridge shafts per level make it possible to daisy-chain the DALI bus using the jump-over bridging.

In addition, it is possible to combine the potentials of the specified lamps for the emergency lighting. Since the bridge shafts are located on the inner side of the control cabinet, it is possible to select the luminaires at any time without a lot of wiring work.

Flexibility for Wiring Emergency Lighting

The potentials of the luminaires can be protected at 250 V using 10 A 5×20 mm fuse inserts. Using a nested configuration, the fuse plug can be inserted into the universal disconnect zone of the narrow 5.2 mm three-level terminal block. Feed-through and knife-disconnect terminals with the same contours extend the range of potential applications.

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