New Stainless Steel M12 Flush-Type Plug Connectors

16 Nov

Phoenix Contact is enhancing its range of M12 flush-type 1.4404 stainless steel plug connectors for applications with demanding requirements.

The 4- to 17-pin plug connectors are available with preassembled stranded wires and are suitable for front or rear panel mounting. Users have the choice of PG9, M16, and M20 threads.The A, B, and D codings prevent incorrect plugging.

All products are sealed and thus meet the IP67 protection rating even when unplugged. The flush-type plug connectors are suitable for PCB mounting and conventional installation methods.

Phoenix Contact thus now provides a broad portfolio of stainless steel M12 products for application in environments that exhibit large temperature fluctuations, high levels of vibration, or wherever a high degree of hygiene or corrosion resistance is required.

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