Push-In Technology – Closer than You Think!

25 Aug

Push-In Technology was developed by Phoenix Contact in 1978. The very first modular terminal block, the FK 1,5 with a direct plug-in spring connection, designed to offer installation engineers an easy and safe conductor connection method used this technology.

Due to its handling and compact design, the FK 1,5 is still found in elevator engineering, machine and system construction even today! Just like the FK 1,5, the concept of Push in Technology still exists and is going strong today – because it improves the way we do things…. even in our daily lives!

Read on to find out how.

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App for finding the right marking solution

23 Aug

The Marking system app from Phoenix Contact provides a mobile and structured search assistant for finding the right marking material for the relevant application.

Even customers who are unfamiliar with the marking range can therefore find suitable marking solutions for their application.

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Which product should I use?

21 Aug

Surfing the website for a correct specification can sometimes be difficult. Going through so many different types of our product and comparing them can also be tiring and information can be missed once you lose focus.

Therefore, besides the possibility to request for a sample from us, that is if you do know what part you require, we have created a function on the website for your ease to select the correct product from Phoenix Contact.

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The Importance of Good Demos

21 Aug

Would you buy something that you cannot see, touch or feel?

For instance, if you wanted to buy a new mobile phone today, and you walked into the mobile shop and after describing your needs the salesman told you, “Oh we have just got the solution for you! This phone solves all your problems and have the latest features and technology. However we do not have the sample for ¬†you to see, so you will have to make payment first before we give you the actual phone.”

Would you still buy the phone?

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