Distributor box for power applications

3 Jul

In field-based power distribution, at power supply voltages of 24 V a larger cable cross-section size is required in order to counteract voltage drop across long distances. The M12 power distribution boxes from Phoenix Contact, in combination with standard cables of up to 4×6 mm², are designed for this application.


The distributor has four T-coded M12 slots with a current load of up to 10 A per channel. Each of the eight channels is equipped with a plug-in fuse. Devices are connected directly via T-coded M12 standard cables. The distributor is supplied via standard cables and a plug-in sleeve housing with contact inserts and separate crimp contacts.

The status of the input and output sides can be checked at any time via LEDs. Further evaluation data is provided via an M12 diagnostics port that is connected to the controller in the control cabinet. T-coded items such as molded system lines, attachable plug-in connectors, Y-distributors, and energy distributors provide reliable power distribution in the field.

Intelligent Surge Protection for Process Technology

29 Jun

Phoenix Contact’s Plugtrab PT-IQ surge protection devices for MCR and process technology warn plant operators before protection of the plant is lost. To achieve this, each voltage-limiting component in the protective plugs is continuously monitored. If the performance limit has been reached as a result of frequent surge voltages, this is indicated by a yellow signal on the protective device and via remote signaling. At this time, the arresters are still functional and the plant is protected. However, replacing the component is recommended to prevent unnecessary servicing.


Plugtrab PT-IQ Ex protective devices are available for intrinsically safe areas. These devices can be installed in Ex Zone 2. The intrinsically safe protective circuits can be routed up to Ex Zone 0.

Thanks to multi-level monitoring and signaling, the plant operator always knows the status of protective devices and therefore has an overview of surge voltage protection in the plant. This intelligent surge voltage protection is available with traditional screw connection technology as well as innovative push-in connection technology. A controller supplies up to 28 protection modules with voltage and allows for connection of a central remote monitoring system.

The New Generation of String Combiner Boxes

29 Jun

The new generation of SCB Compact string combiner boxes with in-line fuses from Phoenix Contact is even smaller, more flexible, and more powerful.


Contrary to conventional solutions, string protection is achieved outside the control cabinet. This change reduces the thermal stress inside the connection box, since it allows the fuses mounted on the outside to release their waste heat into the environment. The in-line fuse and all other components in the string combiner box, such as the circuit breaker, surge protection, and monitoring system, are exposed to lower operating temperatures. Over the long term, this means better performance and longer service life for the entire system. It also allows operation at higher ambient temperatures.

Moving the fuses to the outside makes the design of the new connection boxes significantly smaller. The lower volume reduces transportation and storage costs. The string combiner box’s light weight means that a single person can install it.

Ursula Lampmann, partner of Phoenix Contact, has passed away

29 Jun

Lampmann, Ursula

Ursula Lampmann, partner of Phoenix Contact, died on Friday, 26 June 2015, at the age of 94 years in Blomberg. Born in Essen, she joined the company in 1937 and headed the commercial areas as partner of Phoenix Contact for more than five decades. Above all, with her far-sighted handling of the finances she played a crucial role in the successful growth of the company, from small beginnings to global player in the industry.

With her kind and open-minded personality and her appreciative manner she shaped the corporate culture and spirit of Phoenix Contact. She retired in 1995. As requested by the deceased, the funeral took place in the narrowest family circle.